Outreach Committee News & Events

The Outreach Committee receives and distributes funds allocated from the annual budget to support regional, national and international programs of the Christian Church as well as to support other local community programs that address human needs as an expression of Christianity in today’s world.


June 5th Meeting with Greater Cleveland Congregation Leader

There were 24 DCC members who attended the informational and insightful meeting in Fellowship Hall with James Pearlstein. Next steps: we need to form our leadership team and have representation at the monthly delegate assembly, educational events, and training sponsored by GCC. The following notes are from the meeting:

  • GCC was organized in 2011 and as of today has 40 dues paying member institutions in Cuyahoga County, which represents 35,000 people of faith.  It reaches across race, class and religion for its membership.
  • GCC is looking for a moral way to live together, realizing no one person or group has the power to make change alone.
  • GCC is about learning, praying, and doing justice.
  • Some issues addressed by GACC so far are: Medicaid expansion

-        Cleveland School Levy

-        Gun Violence

-        Smart Gun Technology

-        Reform of Criminal Justice System

  • Participants divided into table groups and were asked to: 1- Agree on one Issue or Problem and 2- Come up with 5 concrete ways to solve the problem; Issues included gun violence, poverty, homelessness, etc.
  • In order to do anything we need POWER.

-        Power is the capacity to Act

-        Power is a hammer for good or evil

-        Power is organized money $

-        Power is organized people who act consistently with a focus

We need to become agents of power to move the world from how it is now toward a world as it should be.

  • We can organize the power of DCC so we can act more strongly on our values based on core interest of our members.
  • Our Noble neighborhood is changing.  We hope DCC with the help of GCC can connect with our neighborhood to find the true need.  Right now 9 GCC members are in Cleveland Heights.
  • Roger McKinney, Robyn Phillips, Debbie Humbert and Amy Campbell have already completed a three day leadership training.


Little Free Library

Bring a Book or a Buck in July!

It has been a little over a year since our Little Free Library was installed on May 10, 2015.  Many books have circulated since then and our library venture has certainly been a success. We thank the many members of our congregation who have donated books to help keep our library supplied with fiction, nonfiction, cook books, self-help and many varieties of books. Children’s picture books and general adult light fiction seem to be most popular. We would especially like to thank Ann Farmer who is involved with Third World Books for her contributions to our library. She is forever finding treasures for us. However, with supplies running low, we are initiating a program to add to our book inventory. Each Sunday in July will be “Bring a Book or a Buck” Sundays.

We ask each of our members to either purchase or donate a book OR to put a dollar or two in an envelope marked Little Free Library and put it in the offering plate sometime during the month of July. There will be a receptacle at the back of the Sanctuary marked Little Free Library where you can place your books.




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